NICHES project featured on the AZoCleantech online publication for clean technology

11 May 2022

An article about the NICHES project has been published on AZoCleantech. AZoCleantech is the leading online publication for clean technology. Its worldwide audience consists of researchers, engineers, and scientists and informs about news and innovations in the clean technology industry. It publishes news, content rich encyclopaedic articles, editorial features on recent industry developments, interviews with key public figures, and product profiles that help solve problems in the industry. 

The NICHES project is featured on AZoCleantech in its capacity as a EU funded project aiming to increase knowledge about the importance of nature-based solutions (NBS) in solving urban sewage problems among other social challenges. AZoCleantech outlines the background of the project and the importance of sophisticated integrated drainage systems infrastructure that can effectively cope with heavy rainfall events that cause overflow of urban water, stormwater and wastewater in aquatic biodiverse areas. Habitat loss and riverbank degradation are the adverse effects of this process. 

The article expresses concern about the current limited usage of NBS in practice, specifying the lack of proof, methods, and targeted guidance available to decision-makers, practitioners, and other appropriate groups as the reason. AZoCleantech acknowledges the immense contribution of NICHES in bridging this gap through its holistic framework of social, ecological, and technical approaches of employing restorative NBS for urban runoff reduction. 

After delineating the focus of NICHES on five case-study cities in Europe and the USA, the article shared details about the recent kick-off meeting in Berlin and concluded by recognising the positive expected outcomes of NICHES in terms of citizen engagement, spatial planning, maintenance, and the integration of water governance structures that have the capacity to improve ecological conditions in cities and generate substantial societal advantages. 

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